Your team is generally your biggest asset, but managing people takes great skill because…

  • People are all different and require different things from their manager
  • Some people are just plain difficult to manage
  • People problems can create other, costly issues
  • The employment and human resource area is very regulated and consistently changing

You would like help with your team from someone who is:

  • A proven performer with HR advice.
  • Experienced with everything from recruitment through to reviews, restructures and mediation/facilitation of those difficult meetings.
  • Friendly, approachable and a strong communicator with a broad range of business skills.

I find it a privilege to deal with so many amazing people who are our there working to achieve their goals and dreams and I get the opportunity to assist them

John Brosnan

Personalized HR support from recruitment through to managing your team and issues, on-site where you need us when you need us.

We offer comprehensive Human Resources advice and services from Recruitment through to managing your team, coaching, performance issues, restructures and mediations as well as Health and Safety support and full access to your emergency preparedness needs and support.

Thank you so much John for all your help. You are amazing.

Cherie Weinberg

Thank you John. We couldn’t have got through it without you. Today was a good day for all of us [staff member] including.


I cannot sing John’s enough!!! He is one in a million and exceptional at what he does. John is all about people and best outcomes.

Kelly Taite

Resource Planner, Northpower

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