So often we hear what an employer needs to do and how the employer has this responsibility and that requirement to be a good employer, well to bring some balance at this time of year when many on farm employment relationships have just changed I thought I should cover the requirements of being a good employee.

In today’s world where almost everything is modulated or regulated it should be no surprise that there are also set expectations on what an employee needs to bring to a workplace as staff.
What is surprising is that there are still employees out there who don’t appear realise this.
So what is required to meet these fundamental obligations?
Here’s a general list of things an employee needs to be:

  • To have honestly represented themselves through the interview and employment process. Which means being capable of doing the role applied for and having been totally honest about work experience, skills and qualifications.
  • To do all tasks requested by the employer with a positive and willing attitude. It is not a hardship that the boss asks you to do something and they are entitled to expect a nice work environment with a good attitude and manners – just the same as the employee is.
  • Look after your own health and wellbeing so that you can do your job well. For young employees this means getting a handle on one’s social life and not letting it interfere with work. So if you go out with friends during the week or like gaming then you need to manage your socialising so that you are still able to get up and do your job fully the next day (with a good attitude).
  • Take interest in your farm’s health & safety policies, pay attention during orientation. This is all in place to help you have a safe work environment and you are required to do your part to make health and safety a living practice on farm – for everyone’s benefit. Learn the health and safety standards, follow them and contribute to their improvement where you can.
  • Be willing to communicate, ask questions and learn. Many employers will be good teachers, but they prefer to teach a willing learner and you show you are willing by asking and being interested.
  • When things are busy and stressful remember give and take is a two way thing and some give and take with a bit of a sense of humor goes a long way in a tough day on the farm. Both employees and employers appreciate this.
  • Be reliable, aim to treat the job as if you own the business, no one is perfect but everyone appreciates some who works well and maintains a good attitude.

If you want any ideas or help in this or other human resources related areas you can give John a call at JB HR & Business Support to have a chat regarding your particular needs.
We are here to help you as an employer. Call John from JB HR Business Support on 021 508 128 direct.

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