Facilitating the Performance Management process

Staff issues are the biggest concern amongst employers. Many businesses are even heard saying “I’d rather have no staff than deal with this” when it comes to issues and dealing with them.  And to be fair having to deal with a personal grievance against your business is stressful, as is just having to manage poor or sub-standard performance for many employers. Her is where JB HR and Business Support is your ideal “go to” team. We are experienced in managing a vast array of staff issues in many rural industries.  We can help manage the process from the start and ensure you are minimizing your risks by following the required procedures (trust us if anyone says they guarantee you, you will not have a personal grievance taken against you outside of the trial period – they are lying).

We are experienced in handling many unpleasant issues and facilitating difficult meetings and helping ease these stressful situations whilst genuinely seeking best outcome results. So if you have got an issue, contact us.