Becoming a better coach

Success in business and success in sports have many similarities. The key one of these for us – is coaching and mentoring.

We don’t advocate the “hard assed” approach to dealing with employee problems, we firmly advocate giving every employee the tools and opportunity to succeed. For an employee to be exited (which we have done many of) the key point is that they have become the architect of their own destruction; you as the employer gave them every chance to succeed and they simply managed to fail. And we do that by coaching and mentoring, following the processes that give you the best chance of success and should it require formal performance management, the best chance of the correct outcomes done well.

Almost any request to staff can be delivered in two ways, one that solicits their desire to help you and one that doesn’t. we strongly advocate that you always chose the first one.
If you need assistance, please contact us. Our goal is to help your team “improve or move”.